Kämpfen, warum kämpfen? Eine feiertägliche Filmliste

von Cornelia

Heute ist Frauen*tag. Oder, besser gesagt, Frauen*kampftag. Der Tag ist angesichts seiner kapitalistischen Verwertung und Mainstream-Verwässerung voller Widersprüche. Und trotzdem. Oder genau deswegen müssen wir weiterkämpfen. Sichtbar sein. Unüberhörbar sein. Für jene kämpfen, die selber nicht (mehr) kämpfen können.

Filme auf Englisch/Originalton mit englischem Untertitel

Die umstandslos-Redaktion hat 15 Filme gesammelt, die daran erinnern, wofür Frauen einst gekämpft haben und wofür nach wie vor gekämpft werden muss. Schon die Titel und Kurzbeschreibungen unserer Filmliste vermitteln ausschnittsweise einen guten Überblick. Ein Klick auf das jeweilige Film-Still leitet euch zum Streaming auf culture unplugged – von dort stammen auch die zusammenfassenden Zitate zu den Filmen.

1 „Motherhood by Choice, Not Chance“ von Dorothy Fadiman

Motherhood by Choice

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„‚Motherhood by Choice, Not Chance‘ distills the history and power of the 2 ½ hour trilogy, From the Back-Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond. Through first person stories, this documentary brings alive the history of the struggle for women’s reproductive rights in the U.S. and the passion of those who moved abortion from the danger of the back alleys to a safe, legal choice. It includes information about current threats to those rights.“

2 „Women in the Mirror“ von Jaime Jamaica

Women in the Mirror

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„The reason for the film ‚Women in the Mirror‘ is the need for reflection and awareness of gender violence as a serious problem that our society is facing. The documentary defines and analyzes the cycle of gender violence to help other women identify and realize if they are living through this situation as well and find help for solutions. The film presents intimate woman-to-woman testimonies hoping to inspire the viewers to feel, understand, reflect and talk openly about it.“

3 „M2F A Journey in Gender Identity“ von Dee McLachlan


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„With narration by Jon Faine of ABC Radio 774, the viewer is emotionally transported by the honesty and dignity of several Transsexual women and Cross dressers.“

4 „The Glass Ceiling“ von Emma Sywyj

The Glass Ceiling

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„My film is basically centered around several conversations that I had with women from differing races, ages, and nationalities. In the film, the women talk candidly about their experiences as creative people and the experiences that have helped to shape them into the artists/people they are today. Feminism is discussed in relation to their art practice.“

5 „Queer Spawn“ von Anna Boluda

Queer Spawn

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„How is it to grow up with gay or lesbian parents? This award-winning documentary shows the lives and thoughts of several teenagers growing up with two moms or two dads in the U.S., from liberal Manhattan to conservative Texas.“

6 „Unlimited Girls“ von Paromita Vohra

Unlimited Girls

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„‚Of course, girls should progress – as long as they do it within limits. But when they
become … un-limited, then something bad is bound to happen …‘ So, still want to be a feminist? That’s the question Fearless is asked and in turn asks others in the film Unlimited Girls.“

7 „Ecofeminism Now!“ von Greta Gaard

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-05 um 14.45.34

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„Ecofeminism Now! weaves together interviews with feminist eco-activists and scholars such as Carol Adams, Lourdes Arguelles, Lori Gruen, Marti Kheel, Ynestra King, Winona LaDuke, Vandana Shiva, and Karen Warren. These women activists work for environmental justice for women, animals, and earth through spiritual and economic-political activism.“

8 „Ten Women Ten Lives“ von Vishnu Mathur

Ten Women

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„This film is a 45 – minute version with excerpts from all ten Global Feminisms films.“

9 „XXXY“ von Porter Gale und Laleh Soomekh


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„In this short documentary, Kristi Bruce and Howard Devore, both born intersex, talk eloquently and straightforwardly about their experience of a medical model based upon shame, secrecy, and forced ’normalization‘.”

10 „In Our Heads About Our Hair“ von Hemamset Angaza

In Our Heads

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„In Our Heads About Our Hair, produced by women, examines issues Black women confront regarding hair and self-esteem. Despite a current natural-hair trend in some urban areas, many Black women say conforming to mainstream beauty standards makes it easier to find mates and corporate employment. This feature documentary celebrates natural beauty and also offers opinions (and wisdom) from people making other hairstyling choices.“

11 „Still Doing It: The Intimate Lives of Women Over 65“ von Deirdre Fishel

Still Doing it

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„Flying in the face of this“ culture’s extreme ageism, ‚Still Doing It‘ explores the lives of older women; partnered, single, straight, gay, black, and white: nine extraordinary women, ages 67-87, express with startling honesty and humor how they feel about love and sex in later life and the poignant realities of aging.“

12 „After the Revolution“ von Leticia Agudo

After the Revolution

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„Mayan women in Chiapas, Mexico, formed the last slab in a pyramid of exploitation. When the Zapatista Army rose up in self-defence, women rebels were also fighting for justice within their own culture. After the Revolution explores the impact on their lives today through one very special family.“

13 „House Devil, Street Angel“ von Fivel Rothberg

House Devil

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„Inspired by the feminist tenet, ‚the personal is political‘, this autobiographical documentary looks at the filmmaker’s relationships with with his son and father in order to address the root causes of abusive relationships and mental illness in his life and open up possibilities for change. An intensely personal experience, House Devil, Street Angel asks viewers to question notions of abuse, fatherhood and masculinity as multiple generations of fathers and sons pursue their own directions. The themes are bound together through Fivel’s search for answers about the past and a pursuit to embody a different type of man than his father.“

14 „Fury for the Sound: The Women at Clayoquot“ von Shelley Wine

Fury for the Sound

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„How do women organize for political change? The path of women’s resistance from the suffragettes to the ‚treehugging‘ Chipko women of India leads directly to Canada, where women gathered to protest the clear cutting of the local rainforest, and 15 years later found themselves immersed in the largest civil disobedience action in Canadian history. Enter the feminist-utopian ‚peace camp‘, home of daily-life rituals and grassroots social history in the making. Experience women’s lives being transformed: elderly women in their 70s working alongside pink-haired teenagers, eight-year-old children debating uniformed police, women resisting arrest by hanging from trees. Where ecological consciousness and political compromise collide, consider the underlying challenge of the film-maker, who is herself an arrestee: what do you think is important enough in this life to risk your own personal freedom? A note of caution … after seeing this film, you may feel compelled to re-evaluate your life.“

15 „Northern Rain“ von Leonor Miro

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-05 um 16.42.03

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„Hakima Naji, a longtime activist of the Moroccan feminist movement, embarks on a journey through northern Morocco where she will discover a forgotten generation of women whose stories were hidden for over 50 years. In the 1950s these strong women risked their freedom and their lives in the fight for the independence of their country.“

Weiter verweisen wir auf eine Filmliste des Ms. Magazines: Top 10 Feminist Documentaries Streaming on Netflix.

Und ein paar Empfehlungen auf Deutsch

Außerdem möchten wir auf zwei Dokumentation auf ARTE hinweisen: am 11. März um 9.40 Uhr wird Rebellisch, kämpferisch: Die Suffragetten gezeigt und in der Mediathek bereits streambar ist Riot Grrrl. Als die Mädchen die Macht übernahmen.

Wer lieber nur hört, als schaut: Die Mädchenmannschaft hat anlässlich des Frauen*kampftages vor zwei Jahren eine superduper Playlist zusammengestellt: Frauen*kampftag-Playlist

Und wer lieber liest, der_m legen wir „Die Mütter“ (1903) von Hedwig Dohm wärmstens ans Herz (aus einer Zeit, zu der es den Frauen*/kampf/tag noch nicht gab).

Demo-Veranstaltungs-Kampf-Termine findet ihr hier und hier.

In dem Sinne: Smash the Patriarchy!

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2 Kommentare

  1. Bisschen schade, dass deutschsprachige Filme nicht dabei sind. Schade, dass die Themen ‚ gleicher Lohn für gleiche Arbeit und Arbeitszeit kaum eine Rolle spielen? Schnee von gestern? Es gibt viele Filme, die sich mit
    den Arbeitsbedingungen von Frauen auseinander setzen. Hier und anderswo.
    Mögen banale Themen sein . Gibt weltweit viel zu viele Frauen, die genau unter diesen existentiellen Misständen leben.
    Trotzdem Danke für eure Mühe.

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